The Y-Rod - Lesson Three
by Joe Smith

Ok, now you have found out it works, place a target out in the yard or even in the house where you can see it but can't go directly to it because of something in the way. Like maybe a table or a chair or a tree. Do your scanning and find out where the target is. 

Now ask the Y rod to take you there. Like what direction do I take to get there. By scanning you will find the right direction . So follow that direction until the Y tips down and then ask again what direction by scanning. Again follow it till it dips again. If you only had one obstacle you should be there. 

Now for you out there that need a picture, the ORI has a Video of the complete dowsing school that Marta and I gave at Fayetteville last spring . Just call them and order it from them. It includes all the tools and how to use them. Their no. is 479 582 9197, ask for the 2003 dowsing school tape. It has it all.


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